Cirque du soleil marketing mix

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5 Spectacular Marketing Insights From Cirque du Soleil On Customer Intimacy

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Cirque Club

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Recording its projects and its similarities, the company pursued its focus with its 20th new show, Kooza, inthen with Wintuk, a very show in New York. A first look at Cirque du Soleil and Saban’s Luna Petunia From the mag: How Cirque du Soleil Média and Saban Brands are making the impossible possible with the first Cirque-inspired kids.

Alma Derricks, VP Sales & Marketing, Resident Show Division, Cirque du Soleil. While you might expect those spectacles to sell themselves, it takes every bit as much marketing talent and hard work to sell out nearly 20 different, unique shows in cities around the world each year as it does to perform them.

“Cirque du Soleil is looking to develop new forms of entertainment, speak to new audiences and further expand its global reach,” added Kristina Heney, chief marketing officer at Cirque du Soleil.

“This series is a natural continuation for us in our foray into youth entertainment, after over 30 years of producing world-renowned live shows. "At Cirque du Soleil, the director of creation seeks to maintain and protect the creative spirit," says Pierre Phaneuf, “to preserve the creative process, which is organic and non-static.

The degree of freedom we offer creators is enormous. With Cirque du Soleil’s KOOZA production in town, I was lucky to be invited to the show last week and also met with KOOZA’s Kitchen Manager Shane Schipper and Touring Publicist Mami Ohki.

Although the jaw-dropping athletic feats, extreme acrobatic precision, breathtaking costumes and lavish set design are downright spectacular, what I was. Cirque du Soleil’s founder, Guy Laliberté, was a fire-eater before creating Cirque ina show that sprang from cultivating street performers near Quebec.

Both companies feature shows that.

Cirque du soleil marketing mix
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How Cirque du Soleil daredevils keep their bodies so perfect