Discharge plans a case study

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Case Management of COPD Patients from Acute to Post-Acute Care Settings

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Hospital Discharge Planning: A Guide for Families and Caregivers

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Comprehensive Discharge Planning

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Ultimately, a management plan The key principles of effective discharge planning discharge plaNNiNg learNiNg objecTives and powerlessness in discharge planning: a case study of an older woman on her way home.

Journal of Clinical Nursing; 5, Discharge planning checklists can help case managers ensure a safe discharge and recovery for their clients. Consistency is important and a checklist helps make sure that discharge planning is done in a consistent manner. Complex Discharge Planning Case Study Patient ID Number: Presenting Problem No primary MD No medications, could not afford due co pay Patient often not home for prearranged home.

discharge and includes at least one meeting between the patient, family, and discharge planner to specifically address the patient ’s and family’s questions and concerns. Patient Discharge Planning Audience The information in this document is intended for all healthcare workers involved in discharge planning for patients and their families.

Stacey Ray, RRT, RCP, BA, CCM, is a board-certified case manager who was the first case manager hired into clinical care management at UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill, NC, 3 years senjahundeklubb.com began with the pulmonology service, transitioned to the most complex cases in the hospital, and currently manages patients on the cardiology and heart failure medicine services.

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