First mover and market follower

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market leader

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Glossary of International Export Import Trade Terms and Shipping Terms.

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Brand, product, or firm that has the largest percentage of total sales revenue (the market share) of a market.

A market leader often dominates its competitors in customer loyalty, distribution coverage, image, perceived value, price, profit, and promotional spending. Positioning As Popularized by Al Ries and Jack Trout.

In their book, Positioning: The Battle for your Mind, Al Ries and Jack Trout describe how positioning is used as a communication tool to reach target customers in a crowded marketplace.

Jack Trout published an article on positioning inand regular use of the term dates back to when Ries and Trout published a series of. Here is the list of words starting with Letter F in

First mover and market follower
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Export Import Shipping Glossary of International Trade Terms and Shipping terms.