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Ciara Sotto Believes That Valeen Montenegro Is The Third Party Between Her & Ex-Husband?

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Ciara Sotto posts a 'friendly reminder' to her husband's mistress

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The talent manager of Valeen Montenegro has denied accusations that the actress is the third party in the marriage of singer-actress Ciara Sotto and Jojo Oconer. Read more» Is Ciara Sotto a 'scorned' wife? I encourage all s to continue setting their goals to be a part of these exclusive events and occasions.

SeneGence provides many opportunities and rewards for your hard work and they are all attainable if you put a plan in place and work toward it. Jan 23,  · Valeen Montenegro is being pinpointed as the alleged mistress of Jojo Oconer, the husband of Ciara Sotto.

As of this time, said accusation remains a rumor, and although Ciara Sotto has hinted that a third party is, indeed, the cause of the breakup of her marriage, she has not yet named the other woman.

Jan 15,  · Ciara Sotto admitted that she and husband Jojo Oconer are having marital problems. Instagram/Ciara Sotto’s account MANILA, Philippines – Ciara Sotto confirmed that she and husband Jojo Oconer are having marital problems. Free essys, homework help, flashcards, research papers, book report, term papers, history, science, politics.

These days everyone knows that there is so much of competition that not even a single company will survive if they plan on increasing the price of the products rather to earn a decent amount of profit, the companies prefer cost cutting.

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Ciara Sotto Believes That Valeen Montenegro Is The Third Party Between Her & Ex-Husband?