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Pet Shop Boys

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Pet Shop Boys

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Investing in the human infrastructure: Apprenticeships in the Engineering and Construction Sector

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Investing in the human infrastructure: Apprenticeships in the Engineering and Construction Sector December 8 — by Jonathan Refoy, Director of European Corporate Affairs, CH2M The benefits of the UK becoming a thriving environment for apprenticeships are nowhere more evident than in the construction and engineering sector.

Sep 25,  · Jonathan is a leading corporate affairs advisor and has worked in a range of senior communications roles for FTSE and Fortune companies including Tesco, BAA.

Wood Group has combined with Amec Foster Wheeler to form a new global leader in the delivery of project, engineering and technical services to energy and industrial markets. Sep 30,  · Innovation has in recent years become synonymous in popular perception with companies like Apple, Google and Samsung, which develop brilliant consumer products including computers and mobile phones.

Secrets of growth: the power of Germany's Mittelstand

GLASGOW, Scotland--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CH2M HILL Halcrow, a global full service consulting, design, construction and operations firm, has been awarded the contract to carry out the Strategic.

Jonathan refoy business plan
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