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La Martina (A): “Pasion Argentina” Case Solution & Answer

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La Martina: Leveraging Polo's Luxury Lifestyle Case Study Analysis & Solution

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Case Study: La Martina – “Pasíon Argentina” After years of growth, the Argentinian premium polo equipment provider La Martina faces a difficult corporate identity problem. The company is traditionally a producer of innovative, technologically advanced products that cater to. Just started a new exciting career in La Martina in charge of digital marketing presence.

Professionally I spent the last 7 years in MEC, leader media agency in Italy, with a fast and continuous growth as I had the opportunity to work across a lot of departments: from media buying to strategy creation and then, after the company sent me to the.

Case Western Reserve University: the top-ranked private research university in Ohio and one of the best in the U.S. Located in Cleveland, Ohio. La Martina is Polo.

La Martina Casa de Campo

Selling Men and Women Luxury Sportswear and Technical Equipment for Polo Games. Discover it now! Casa Martina La Casa di Martina è un B&B situato a Torre Canavese per i vostri momenti di relax!🏡🍀☕ Art🖼⛪ Walk and Nature🏞 Breakfast☕🍩.

La martina marketing case
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