Market commonality vs resource similarity

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Google Competitive Analysis

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Apple vs. Google Is the Most Important Battle in Tech

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a) Market commonality is concerned with no. of markets with which a firm and its competitors are jointly involved to seek its advantage and exploit the opportunity available. It also shows that how much a particular market is important for them.

Market commonality is concerned with the number of markets with which the firm and a competitor are jointly involved and the degree of importance of the individual markets to each.

Term Resource Similarity. The global automobile producing industry has high market commonality and high resource similarity, and are aware, motivated, and have the ability to compete for market share in each segment and country they have entered (Chapter 5. Describe market commonality and resource similarity as the building blocks of a competitor analysis.

Explain awareness, motivation, and ability as drivers of competitive behaviors. KNOWLEDGE OBJECTIVES Discuss factors affecting the likelihood a competitor will take competitive actions.

In market commonality it allows the firm to put number on all the firms within the market and how each acts/works within that market and against each other. In resource similarity is shows how comparable the firms are in both areas and how they compare to one another in each of those markets they are involved in.

Apple vs. Google Is the Most Important Battle in Tech

Describe Market commonality and resource similarity as the building blocks of a competitor analysis Explain awareness, motivation and ability as drivers of competitive behavior Discuss the factors affecting the likelihood a competitor will take competitive actions and the response to actions taken against it.

Market commonality vs resource similarity
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Google Competitive Analysis