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Marketing Plan for Festivals

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The following is an incomplete list of music festivals that feature electronic music, which encapsulates music featuring electronic instruments such as electric guitar and keyboards, as well as recent genres such as electronic dance music (EDM).

Many of the festivals in this list take place in the United States and Europe, though every year thousands of electronic-focused music festivals are. Our vision for the future of Molestice is to activate every block of Mole Street in Philadelphia on the longest day of the year with a community music festival and cultural gathering.

Future music festival is an outdoor music festival that has been running across 5 Australia cities since It runs each year in late February early March. The style of music witch is played by the majority of DJ’s and artist performing is electronic dance.

Lollapalooza takes place Thursday, August 1 – Sunday, August 4, at Grant Park in Chicago, IL. The festival hours are 11AM – 10PM each day. The Woodstock Music Festival in Marketing Mix Future Music Festival Essay Words | 8 Pages.

What Is the Right Marketing Mix for Event Marketing?

future music festival as well as what the business is focusing on in the market place today. Future music festival is an outdoor music festival that has been running across 5 Australia cities since It runs each year in late February.

Market Analysis Briefly discuss the background of the future music festival as well as what the business is focusing on in the market place today. Future.

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