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Citycell Organogram [pic] Stiff:. • Master of Business Administration in Marketing and Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance & Accounting.

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Experience. Marketing and Promotions Advisor Performed in Manager Finance role in different capacities for 5 years in Citycell. Responsibilities: • Plan and manage optimal funding and investment solutionsIndustry: Financial Services. *Subscribers in Thousands Source: BRTC.

v CONCLUSION. The buyer is powerful in the industry, but since the market is growing largely, it will be easy for the company to hold its own share, because of poverty, the population will be unlikely to avail the switching cost.

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Citycell. maggio – Presente 4 anni 7 mesi. Dhaka. Lead the area sales Team, Control the overall business of the area. Traffic Statistics

Area Business Manager Citycell. novembre – aprile 6 mesi.

Sales, Distribution and Trade Marketing Professional

Chitagong • Lead & monitor area sales & service channel to establish control over channel partners & trade.

• Supervise to execute the trade marketing plan on effective placement, maintenance and retention of company's POSM to develop and enhance brand visibility. • Provide regular feedback to top management on product, pricing, quality, availability, marketing & Branding activity and overall market situationTitle: Assistant Manager- Sales & .

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