Obituary of lennie smalls

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Earl Hines

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Lennie Small Obituary?

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But people also have the medieval impression that the music was new. Lennie had lived a short but happy life, he was a kind young man, originally from Napa. As a child, Lennie had lived with his aunt Clara, upon her death, He had travelled across the country for work with George Milton, They came to Soledad to look for work.5/5(4).

ASSIGNMENT: Write an obituary (10 marks) To submit this assignment, please go to the "Assignment" section of this module. At a minimum, an obituary is a notice in. Jan 31,  · Revealing moments in black history, with unpublished photos from The New York Times's archives.

Obituary Lennie Small was born on August 2, in Monteray, California and died on August 26, at age 33 when he was shot by George Milton, who was defending himself.

His family included his aunt Clara, for there is no information about his parents. mice and men obituary Small, Lennie, age 25, a worker on many farms and ranches, died beside a big pond on Saturday, August 3, Lennie was born on Friday, August 25, in Soledad, California.

Lennie Small was a big guy who was often misunderstood. He was born with an intellectual disability. He was a guy who liked to pet and rub soft things and it sometimes turned out bad but Lennie was a nice guy who didn’t mean harm to anyone he just got carried away with a lot of things he did.

Obituary of lennie smalls
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