Puto cheese business plan

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Cheese Puto

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Business Plan(P-Delight)

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Smooth and Creamy Steamed Leche Flan

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Prepare molds for leche flan as you will need them as soon as the caramel is ready. Place sugar in a sauce pan and dissolve on low heat.

Puto Recipe (Puto with Cheese)

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Puto Cheese Recipe

It comes second in Laguna coming from Metro Manila next to San Pedro City. Biñan also known as Biniang has become both a suburban residential. 2. Stir continuously until the desired thickness. 3. Once desired thickness achieve, pour some of the sugar mixture in your llanera evenly, so if you have 4 or 5 baking pan coat each one with a generous amount of the mixture.

Puto cheese business plan
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